Doggust 2021
Daily challenge of illustrating multiple dog breeds. 
Doggust day #22. Taiwan Dog. 
Doggust day #23, West Highland Terrier. A simple terrier is about to join forces with deity, Flying Spaghetti Monster. His goal? Give fancy mustaches to everyone and fight against the absurdity of it all. 
Doggust day #24, Weimaraner. They are enjoying a cool autumnal breeze. 
Doggust day #25, Pekingese. Frankenstein's monster daily newspaper is reporting the strange happenings of a small town. What could otherwise be perceived as a fluffy perky little dog is now causing havoc. Toys aimed at innocent passersby, endless treats served without supervision and, to top it all, the smell of rotten eggs as overpowered the usual smells of the dog park. This is the town's scream for help, help us and you'll receive some very well deserved pettings. Thank you. 
Doggust day #26, Italian Greyhound. And a famous Tika. 
Doggust day #27, Rhodesian Ridgeback. A puppy who just bumped into a snail and is very eager to introduce themself. However, the snail is not currently in the mood for such a close encounter. 
Doggust day #28, Affenpinscher. A shaggy breed made of messy lines going in all directions. 
Doggust day #29, Airedale. She's on a journey to find her ancestors. Rumor has it, there's a bone hidden somewhere that might give her the power to become the Queen of England. Who'd have thought. 
Doggust day #30, Leonberger babysitting fellow tiny friends. 
Doggust day #31, Irish Setter. A farewell to August.